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Josh Mosh
Josh Mosh
I'm Josh, 18 years old from So Cal. I post whatever the dang I feel like.
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I’ve gotten to the point where I cringe at like 80% or more of the shit that comes on my dashboard. All this self loathing, being depressed, liking “hardcore” music, lack of vocabulary, claiming to hate everything and everyone when you know you’re so fucking desperate for attention and that’s why you have a tumblr at all, is because you hope I nice person finds your blog and has common interests and you guys can have some weird long distave relationship.
I think you’re all pathetic. You don’t have social anxiety, you’re not fucking fat, you’re not depressed. Go make some friends and make use of your life or some shit. The only one who can fix your problems is yourself.
To those of you who just blog music a lot or do whatever you do just for entertainment on lazy days or because your blog is informative and useful, you guys are all cool. Tumblr is entertaining and I agree with that, I have a blog, it’s here for something isn’t it?
But to those of you who are like “lol I hate myself” or like “do you ever go to order a lot of french fries and suddenly just cry lol” GROW THE FUCK UP.

Rant over.

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